Hemorrhoids – a secretive, an embarrassing disease. But why? Because everyone has them. In the last section of our digestive system, the so-called hämorrhoiden hausmittel sits an annular Blutschwamm in the rectum. It’s a cavernous body, which fills up with blood and the anus seals. What we refer to as hemorrhoids, greatly magnified view hemorrhoid cushion. And that makes to the well-known, very unpleasant way noticeable: It starts with the annoying itching anus, which is burning and painful, followed by bleeding and you have the feeling, in the anus, there is a foreign body. If that happens, then only helps the doctor.

If these hemorrhoids left untreated, they can step out of the anus and are visible. Then there are no hemorrhoids / Hemoriden more but Analthrombosen – so actually varicose veins in and around the buttocks. Since you need to make an accurate diagnosis. It can also arise anal eczema or so-called anal fissures: Everything annoying and painful. Who is affected by it, which must also often additionally endure the pain stupid jokes.

The causes can be varied, they can cause hemorrhoids on their own, but often meet several causes together:

  • Constipation due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition
  • Excessive pressing, when the chair is hardened
  • A hereditary connective tissue that makes the rectum susceptible strains (constipation)
  • Weak veins
  • Too little exercise
  • Too little fiber in the diet
  • Sitting for hours on the wrong pad

Preventing Hemorrhoids

Eat high fiber was prepared with lots of whole grains, fruits and fresh vegetables, which is raw (sauerkraut) or gently. Drink plenty of water, best carbonated mineral water. If you eat a lot of sweets, then you create the conditions for a blockage and to burden the hemorrhoids.

You will be on the toilet time. If you press vigorously and in a hurry, then stressed the hemorrhoidal, so promote the expansion of the veins. The chair must not be hard, which can be reached by the high-fiber diet and plenty of fluids.

The anal hygiene is important. With a soft, multi-ply toilet paper Preclean, then clean off moist. These best lukewarm water in the bidet or a hand shower. Use soft towels to dry, making sure that wet wipes are on the go free from chemicals.

Sport brings movement and protects against clogging – so positive. Negative are sports like tennis, jumping rope, basketball or jogging on hard surfaces. Since the bodies are thrown in the pelvis violently down, the strain on the pelvic floor and leads to discomfort in the rectum.

Train your sphincter. At least once a contract about 30 times a day in a 2- to 3-second intervals the sphincter, pause and release. If you have a sedentary occupation, then you should get up every hour for ten minutes, walk around or do exercises.

By the way: Hemorrhoids are no age disease, this disease we can find in all age groups. Of course, here is the doctor of last resort, especially if an operation is due. But before it comes to that, you can even help prevent the hemorrhoids or fight them:

Proven Home Remedies for Hemorrhoids

An ancient home remedy for Hämoriden is the Apfelkur: Drink every day 1/4 liter cider or natural apple juice.
Make sitz baths, in which you have given three liters Eichenrinden- or Zinnkrauttee. Also good are hot compresses with yarrow tea or twice steam bath with chamomile tea per day. In addition to the healing power of plants here also helps the heat. For this treatment, you need a lot of patience.
The chamomile clover tea has a calming effect on the skin and inhibits inflammation in the anal area. The active ingredients of the sweet clover have a healing effect on the damaged veins and ulcers recede. Mix sweet clover and chamomile in equal parts, pour over 1 tablespoon 1/4 liter of boiling water, let stand for 10 minutes. Then strain, drink three cups a day. But you could also take a sitz bath in this tea, or dab the hemorrhoids several times a day with a cotton ball.
Blending Rings ointment (pharmacy) with honey in the ratio 1: 1 can spread and affect the marigold Honey Mix directly.
Even suppositories and ointments from the leaf of the tree Hammamelis help against hemorrhoids. They inhibit inflammation and fight very quickly the unpleasant oozing hemorrhoids.