I have taken to me ( intentionally ) since one year no flavor and refined sugars , sweeteners and other chemical sins . Vegetables has now become an absolute culinary delight , I love this stuff easy .

Your testosterone levels will thank you . So we go straight going : Here you will find vegetables that are particularly good when it comes to increase your testosterone levels .

Since Garlic belongs to the family of the bulb plants and onions are among vegetables , this is the first item on my list . Japanese researchers have found that the rats were fed with garlic powder have developed an increased T – content ( 0.8g / 100g ) . In addition, the sperm quality of rats increased where this powder was added . You do not start with bad breath in the day ? Then I recommend you an evasive maneuver to odorless garlic tablets . I go but assume that organic – organic garlic is still high . Nevertheless, the tablets remain a good alternative .

increase testosterone levels

increase testosterone levels

Brussels sprouts contains zinc , like stated in naturaltestbooster.com ,  a chemical that provides improved DNA repair and the aromatase enzyme values ​​decreases . This enzyme reduces your testosterone levels because it converts free testosterone into estrogens . In addition, Brussels sprouts contain vitamins and minerals that are important , even essential for your testosterone formation .

Asparagus contains folic acid (a vitamin from the B complex) , potassium, and vitamin E. All three are very important for the production of testosterone .

Cauliflower contains zinc as above mentioned when Brussels sprouts , reduces this aromatase levels and thus reduces estrogen levels .

Celery contains androstenone ( androgen \u0026 metabolite of testosterone ) and apigenin ( plant pigment ) , this increase your testosterone levels . In addition (also a plant pigment ) contains celery luteolin , this lowers your estrogen levels .

Yeah, right , the avocado is one of the vegetables . They contain important building blocks for your testosterone : vitamin A , B , C , D , E , K , folic acid , omega-3 fatty acid , potassium and cholesterol . On the avocado you can not do without actually if you want to increase your testosterone levels . So off to the supermarket !

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Broccoli contains the above-mentioned DIM , this lowers your estrogen levels .

Researchers have found that rats fed with onion juice have tripled their T values ​​. The bulb ensures an improved hormonal balance and even ensures better sperm quality . I’m talking about but not of this onion rings from the fast-food restaurant .

Beetroot has a estrogen – lowering effect , according to researchers .

Sauerkraut contains good bacteria for your colon and vitamin K2 , which loves your testosterone ! The sauerkraut must for bacterial uptake , however, be uncooked , more information can be found here :

The ingredients of seaweed slow the production and activity of estrogens in your body . Thereby Your T values ​​increase !

Spinach contains minerals and vitamins that are essential for testosterone production : magnesium , vitamin C and vitamin E. In addition, spinach is known to lower estrogen levels .

Kale contains zinc and vitamin A , C and C support all high testosterone levels .

Cabbage also contains DIM and high amounts of vitamin C , which lowers your cortisol levels .

That’s it! Search out a few points from the list , and eat them daily . It’s best to vary your ever anew . It is also important that you are paying attention to organic quality . Why this is so important , you can find out here:

Here is a simple checklist that you go through in your head can ( importance from point 1 to 3 sloping down ) before you buy any products in your supermarket :

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